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The action of moving with a strong, regular rhythm: The star&39;s pulsations cause it to brighten and dim every six minutes. • PULSATION (noun) The noun PULSATION has 3 senses: 1. Pulsation Study : Design Approach 1. 10 synonyms for pulsation: beat, palpitation, pulse, throb, pulse, pulsing, impulse, heartbeat. Pulsation Yoga is an all-inclusive yoga studio, focusing on opening the heart, strengthening your body, increasing flexibility, and providing a sense of peace and calm that you can cultivate on your mat to carry off your mat into your day. Detailed information on the piping fittings are required.

Analysis of Pressure Pulsation Induced by Rotor-Stator Interaction in Nuclear Reactor Coolant Pump The aim of this study was to investigate the hydraulic characteristics of pulsating flows in pressure lines piston pumps of liquefied gas, as well as the study of the effectiveness of the dampers and pressure pulsations and conformity of their. Pulsation study, mechanical review and frequency avoidance analysis, forced response analysis (when required); per API 618, API 688 and GMRC High-Speed Compressor Guideline. Osho Pulsation is a method of s elf-exploration and personal transformation which works through the body and the life energy system, to re-claim our natural aliveness PULSATION and expressiveness. Stellar pulsations are caused by expansions and contractions in the outer layers as a star seeks to maintain equilibrium. In the midst of this choral dance, at the fifty-first pulsation, the inhabitants of the Universe pause in full career, and each individual sends forth his richest, fullest, sweetest strain. Pulsation definition is - rhythmical throbbing or vibrating (as of an artery); also : a single beat or throb.

One cycle of pressure pulsation consists of four stages: pressurization, high-pressure holding, de-pressurization and low-pressure holding, as shown in Figure 6. ) and directly from Latin pulsationem (nominative pulsatio) "a beating or striking," noun of action from past participle stem of pulsare "to beat, strike, push against&39; hammer, keep hitting," figuratively "drive forth, disturb, disquiet," frequentative of pellere (past participle pulsus) "to beat, strike" (from PIE root *pel-(5) "to. You will receive a detailed mechanical assessment of your piping system.

In the feverish, pulsating life of the young metropolis they often stopped oppressed, giddy, and choking; the roar of the streets and thoroughfares was meaningless to them, except to revive strange memories of the deep, unvarying monotone of the evening wind over their humbler roof on the Sierran hillside. Synonyms for pulsation in Free Thesaurus. Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health, Seventh Edition. How to use pulsation in a sentence. The results provide information on the expected mechanical stresses, forces, torques, and deflections.

Contact Sigma Drilling Technologies today! pulsation (countable and uncountable, plural pulsations) The regular throbbing of the heart, an artery etc. Find another word for pulsation. Buy on iTunes: it/vpr080 InsideInfo & Mefj. Lawson, Jonell ROSES ARE FOR THE RICH After subtracting the bestfitting eclipsing binary model, the residuals were analyzed to determine the pulsation properties. (electronics) a sharp transient wave in the normal electrical state (or a series of such transients) 2.

a rhythmic beat, as of the heart. Damping pulsation, or vibration, in your pipeline keeps instruments functional and readable. " Out 9th Oct. in a living body; the pulse. Most people chose this as the best definition of pulsation: The action of pulsating. The duration of the. La pulsation cyclique comprend un écoulement oscillant du circuit fluide.

Design Approach 1 is to perform the empirical pulsation suppression device design using proprietary and empirical analytical techniques to meet line side pulsation levels and the maximum pressure drop based on compressor normal operating condition. The old mansion had hummed with Autumn&39;s presence, a lively kind of pulsation one felt upon entering the foyer. Undo Button Added. When installing pulsation dampeners and back pressure valves in any pumping system, location and proximity are key. "Mass hysteria inducing frequency, frequency, frequency.

the act of a person who encloses something in or as if in a casing or covering a school giving instruction in one or more of the fine or dramatic arts a comic character, usually masked, dressed in multicolored, diamond-patterned tights, and carrying a wooden sword or magic wand TAKE THE QUIZ TO FIND OUT. Pulse (signal processing), a rapid and transient change from a baseline value, followed by a rapid return to PULSATION the baseline value. Pulse (legume), any agriculturally significant annual leguminous food crop, such as peas, beans, lentils, and chickpeas PULSATION Electronics and physics. The result is a longer lasting and safer system.

Absorb pulsation caused by air-powered transfer pumps, reducing wear and preventing damage to inline components such as regulators, sensors, and gauges. The passage section gets increased in the middle of the damper. Blacoh Fluid Control Introduces New Hybrid Valve Dhananchezhiyan and Hiremath 6 reported that the flow ripple is associated with pressure pulsation in various drive frequencies of micro pumps.

a periodically recurring phenomenon that alternately increases and decreases some quantity. © by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc. Pulsation (Original Build).

Antonyms for pulsation. Every blink of an eye or pulsation of a paramecium is powered by the protein ATP. : Le liquide de nettoyage éjecté par la buse présente une pression de pulsation.

For three days the body was preserved unburied, during which it had acquired a stony rigidity. Since you&39;re viewing pulse in another browser, it may not work. Pulsation is a throbbing, repeating rhythm, like the pulsation of your blood in your ears when you&39;re running or the pulsation of music in a loud dance club.

Astronomers are able to deduce this mechanism by measuring the spectrum and observing the Doppler effect. Source Code 308 kB. Pulsation Yoga is an all-inclusive yoga studio, focusing on opening the heart, strengthening your body, increasing flexibility, and providing a sense of peace and calm that you can cultivate on your mat to carry into your day.

These fluctuations in stellar radius cause corresponding changes in the luminosity of the star. The Searcher of hearts knows that every pulsation of mine beats high and strong in the cause of civil liberty. More PULSATION images. Pulsation definition is - rhythmical throbbing or vibrating (as of an artery); also : a single beat or throb.

Dictionary entry overview: What does pulsation mean? Pressure pulsation in the gas double dynamic fermentation process is accomplished by supercharging and decompression of sterile air. The pulsation damper, as can be seen in the scheme below, has a big hole passage, which is adjusted to the diameter of the pipe providing a better dampening. Counterpulsation pumps when the heart is resting to increase blood flow and oxygen to t. Please reload in Chrome. For compressors below 750 RPM the study is conducted per API 618 requirements, the pulsation and vibration standard for slow-speed compressors.

Install the damper as near to the pump’s discharge as possible. With a surge volume, the cylinder feeds into a simple volume bottle. 5 synonyms of pulsation from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 6 related words, definitions, and antonyms. See more videos for PULSATION. Get enhanced hydraulic system performance and extend pumps’ service life with a pulsation dampener.

If pulsation studies are done, there is the possibility of a further mechanical analysis. 1844, Edgar Allan Poe, ‘The Premature Burial’: Pulsation had ceased. Counterpulsation: A technique that synchronizes the external pumping of blood with the heart&39;s cycle to assist the circulation and decreasing the work of the heart.

Welcome to pulse! on Viper Recordings. Pulsate definition, to expand and contract rhythmically, as the heart; beat; throb. Pulsation qualifies not merely the nutrient life but the musculo-motor activity as well. See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Pulsation Dampeners There are two basic types of pulsation damper that are commonly used: surge volumes and volume-choke-volume acoustic filters. Pulsation dampeners are used to improve pump system efficiency by removing pulsating flows from positive displacement pumps, insuring a smooth and continuous fluid flow and meter accuracy, eliminating pipe vibrations and protecting gaskets and seals. The pulsation of the aorta can be seen just above the prominence formed by the left bronchus.

pulse works best in Google&39;s Chrome browser. Pulsation: a rhythmic expanding and contracting. : The cyclic pulsation further comprises an oscillating flow of the fluid stream.

, from Middle French pulsation (14c.


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